I would like to welcome you to Fann 3arabi blog. It’s a transliteration to the Arabic name: فن عربي
which means “Arabic Art”.

In this blog features of Arabic artists, projects, websites and more will be mentioned. It started off as a blog post back last year on Omernos‘ blog.

Thanks for visiting, if you like to point out certain artists you think they deserve to be featured, don’t hesitate – drop us a link.


7 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Ohoud Says:

    First to comment:D

    I look forward to being the number one fan of this site! Luv the idea and I believe it will have loads of potential!

    I’d love if you could feature ” Dia Azzawi” works of the 70’s,the ink paintings! would be great!

  2. Omar Says:

    Thanks a lot Ohoud for your support, I truly appreciate it!

    hehe I will try my best to feature almost all of the good ones
    and thanks for telling me about Dia Azzawi, I will sure look
    into her work.

  3. Ohoud Says:

    She’s a He:D

  4. omar Says:

    hehe, I know I’m so stupid
    bass you know how the name Dia can apply to both genders! hehe

    I looked into his work, he got many paintings published but only two sculptures
    his sculptures are AMAZING, but I’m looking for more! I can’t seem to find any! hehe

  5. Orange Tree Says:

    great stuff!im really enjoying it,keep up the good work :)

  6. Omar Says:

    Orange Tree
    Thanks a lot! :D
    I’ll sure work on it

  7. Diana Says:

    Dear Omar,

    I want to congratulate you on such a beautiful website!

    I work at the Museum of Islamic Art Qatar and we are looking for young innovative arab artists to include in our database. These artists should be able conduct workshops. Please reply if you have any recommended artists you know.


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