Sawsan Al-Sarraf

Tamara by Sawsan Al Saraf

The Iraqi artist Sawsan Al Saraf, educated in Cardiff, UAE and Canada sparks a sentimental form of art. Whether to her paintings that have distinctive faces among a rather abstract environment, her vibrant murals, her stone jewellery to her Computer Junk sculptures.

a quote from her Artistic statement:

As a child, I didn’t need to talk about my art, and make statements about
it since it was pure and simple; it reflected my spontaneous self-
expression and my little knowledge about life.
As an adolescent, I was living in a fantasy world. I avoided criticism
because it was so personal to me. I was proud that I can express my
thoughts and feelings freely, but I didn’t want to be judged as a person
through my artwork

Visit Sawsan Al Saraf’s Website here.


One Response to “Sawsan Al-Sarraf”

  1. paul batou Says:

    Dear swasan
    to see the image it took me back to Iraq , were art was alive and it wil be
    Thank you
    paul batou

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