If you would like to contact Fann 3arabi to feature artists you feel should be up there – whether yourself or someone else – please don’t hesitate to send an email to

omernos [at] yahoo [dot] com

You can also send emails for feedback, comments, hatemail or any general questions.


13 Responses to “Contact”

  1. umesh charole Says:

    i am artsts my salp panting &color

  2. Lotfi Kaabi Says:

    Two Liverpool collective of artists would like to invite contemporary arab artists to participate in an event called Planet Art eXchange that takes place in Liverpool from July 1 –15.
    ( The application is available on the page

    We would highly appreciate it if you can forward this invitation to those artists who are in your database.

    Best regards

    Lotfi Kaabi (+44 7910 908 758)

  3. maher diab Says:

    Hi There,

    Just came across your website,
    and it’s just a relief to find out that
    someone on this planet is taking care
    of the Arab talent.

    Well this is my blog, i’ll b happy if
    you can take look.

    Thank you

  4. lourhraz abdel aziz Says:

    je souhaite participer a liverpool dans la peinture cmt faire svp?

  5. mahmoud Says:

    That is very nice site, i like it!

  6. Abd A. Masoud Says:

    Hallo Omar

    As a member of the Khatt Foundation I got the address of your blog.

    I like to introduce my self, hence all the information on my Homepage are in German language.

    Was Born 1963 in Amman, living since 1984 in Vienna Austria.
    Received my Bachelor of Art 1987 from Webster University, Vienna.
    1996 begin artwork and learning Calligraphy privately, through the years I was appreciating art in all its forms.
    My recent achievement is my exhibition “Arabic calligraphy with a difference” where I am trying to make the Arabic calligraphy or the Arabic signs understandable and accessible for a non Arabic viewer.
    Since 2008 owner of the Rearte Gallery Vienna
    The main Idea is that the Rearte gallery was launched in order to give chance for known and unknown artist and calligraphist to present themselves in an exclusive and representative atmosphere. (Free of charge and with no commission)
    Feel free to visit me virtually
    I hope that you can right any thing about my gallery in your blog. Maybe in this way we can fill the dream of at least someone to introduce her or his work outside the Arabic region.
    Best regards
    Abd A. Masoud

  7. Adib Fattal Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My name is Adib Fattal.I am an artist from the Middleeast, who is specialized In Primitive/Naïve/Folk art.I c ame across your website through Google and liked it a lot.Infact I would love to join you.Below is my website so you can look at it and respond to me.
    I thank you in advance,

  8. allright Says:

    Arabs for Arts has launched on Facebook.

    We would like you and your contacts to join

  9. hazem HARB Says:

    الاعزاء فن عربي
    انا الفنان التشكيلي حازم حرب والمقيم فى ايطاليا
    اود فقط لفت نظركم على اعمالى المتواجد لديكم فى الموقع, حيث ارجوا منكم ازالتها من الموقع وذلك لاعتبارت شخصية وفينة, وايضا بأمكانم اللجوء الى موقعي الشخصي لتغير بتلك الاعمال المتواجده على موقعكم فن عربي

    اشكرك على الاهتمام وعلى جهودكم فى الموقع
    انتظر ذلك للاهمية اللقصوي لتغير الاعمال

    حازم حرب

  10. Ayad Alkadhi Says:

    Dear Omar,
    How are you? It has been a while since our last correspondence. Hope this message finds you well.
    I would like to share my new series with you:
    Would love to hear your thoughts.

    Best wishes


  11. amr al-laithy Says:

    omar do you receive my mails please check

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  13. emanwasef95 Says:

    Hello this is one of my blogs

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