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Sudan Artists Gallery

September 19, 2008

Artists from Sudan has not been featured previously on Fann 3arabi, although there are amazingly talented Sudani artists yet the resources on the net seemed quite few and not very efficient.

Therefore, Fann 3arabi presents this wonderful website that features a huge number of Sudani artists and has both showcase of each artist as well as their biography. The work is cateogrised under different categories; Illustration, Calligraphy, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture and much more.

Here are some samples of the work featured there:

A Pedestrian Song by Mohamed Abusabib – Ink, 1996

Holy Quraan calligraphy painting by Alawad Mustafa

Untitled by Shamseldeen Adam Bushara – oil

Untitled by Mohamed Omer Bushara – Lazertan etching, 2006 (Click to Enlarge)

Untitled by Fayrouz Omer – Mixed media, 2004

Puzzled by Ahmad Elmardi – Digital, 2002



May 28, 2008

Kootoob is a blog dedicated to feature and bring to the light Lebanese illustrators, animators and creative visual works by Lebanese teams. Kootoob seems to have featured so far a very interesting number of Lebanese graphic artists that had their works published or are still starting off as budding artists.

An interesting collection of works are featured there, some which feature Arabic elements with the lettering and such while others tend to carry a more universal identity to it that seemed to be carrying a strong message with it. Works for magazines, children books, comics and more are featured there as well as videos and animations.

Kootoob (which is Arabic for Books) is a very delightful and extremely interesting blog that seems to be doing an excellent job bringing all those artists forward. Therefore, Fann 3arabi will be honoured to have it enrolled in the right side bar of the blog along with the other websites.