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Reem Mohammed

November 15, 2009

Reem Mohammed is a multi-disciplinary artist from United Arab Emirates. View her profile on Khatt and her channel on YouTube that includes several video art pieces. You will find two of her video works at the end of this post.



Diana Hawatmeh

December 12, 2007

Diana Hawatmeh is the first artist/graphic designer to be featured as part of Fann 3arabi’s campaign “Fann 3arabi for the Rising” – where budding artists, graphic designers, illustrators and so on are featured with their customisation to Fann 3arabi’s header.

Diana Hawatmeh, a Jordanian graphic designer based in Dubai and been living there for most of her life. She graduated from American University of Sharjah with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication. Whilst Diana’s study for the degree and attending conferences and workshops, exploring all sorts of different fields within Graphic Design, she found her utter fascination; Typography. As she claims, her most favourite thing to do is to unconsciously destruct, build, overlap, clutter, spread and play around with type of all shapes and colours. Whether it’s an absolutely random quote in Arabic, or a sentence that takes you a while to figure out – it’s all there.

Digital Arabic Typography experiment

She is inspired by the Typographic work in Netherlands and Europe, Jordan and it’s urban culture, a Nonsense book by Edward Lear, Arabic letters & calligraphy, Iranian graphic design and much more. Diana has worked with a number of companies, and done high profile work whether as brand identiy and more. She worked with Emaar, Masterfoods, Jumeira Beach Magazine, Fashionista and lately worked along with Wissam Shawkat on wall graphics for the Dubai International Financial Centre.

Wall graphics of the DIFC, by Wissam Shawkat and Diana Hawatmeh

Diana is also a blogger, where she features artists from all over the globe – even some personal friends of hers from university and such. She is currently working independently as a freelance graphic designer. You can see Diana’s customised header on the blog, which will last a month or more, until the next feature where a new artist provides a customised header.