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Edge of Arabia

November 19, 2008


Edge of Arabia is an art exhibition displaying in London, UK where it showcases the new wave of contemporary art of 17 Saudi artists.  Artists participating include; Faisal Samra, Manal Al Dowayan, Abdulnasser Gharem, Lulwah Al-Humoud, Ahmad Mater Aseeri and much more.

The exhibition aims to reveal and empower the unknown voice of the Saudi artists. The exhibition does not come through a propaganda-approach to try and eradicate the negative notions and impressions of the country, yet it desires to create a long-lasting channel to communicate through freely and constantly.

Quote from Ahmad Mater Aseeri:

“What I like about ‘Edge of Arabia’ is that it takes the challenge as opposed to just speaking about the necessity or urgency of doing so. Now it is ‘Edge of Arabia’s’ job to communicate with the world in a positive way, and above all to illuminate.”

Here are the exhibition details:

  • When:
    Sunday 16 November 2008
  • Until:
    Saturday 13 December 2008
  • Where:
    Brunei Gallery at SOAS University of London
    10 Thornhaugh St, London – UK
    WC1H 0XG
    Russell Square
  • Contact:
    +44 (0)20 7898 4915
  • Visit:

You can also visit the online shop and purchase from a very interesting collection of items. The selection includes the book of the exhibiton, prayer beads, t-shirts, Moleskine notebooks, postcards and more.


Hend Al Mansour

September 19, 2008

“Walladah” – silkscreen print

Born in 1956 in Saudi Arabia and raised in the US. She received her education from Cairo University and Minneapolis College of Arts & Design. Al Mansour’s work mostly addresses the identity of Arabic women and voices her desire for change in order to reach equality and justice. She also seeks issues such as religions, sexualities and tolerance.

She has an array of works, variating from silk-screen prints on fabric usally using henna ink, to paintings, 3D work and more. Depiction of Arab individuals comes in a consistent pattern in her work, and a heavy usage of Arabic calligraphy incorperated in most of her work.

Two paintings from the series “Identity” – acrylics