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Hazem Harb

November 22, 2007
Hazem Harb - Painting

Born in Gaza back in 1980, earned a scholarship to Amman’s Academy of Art, headed to be an artists in residence in Paris for two months and then the Academy or Fine Arts in Rome – Italy. He is part of “Shababeik From Gaza” art movement as well as being a member of (PACA) The Palestinian Association of Contemporary Art.

Hazem Harb - Painting 3

Harb’s artworks seek the fragility of human beings and their way of expressing suffering. Of course most particularly the Palestinian suffering which tends to be Harb’s main inspiration. His paintings include abstract shaping of refugees, ones that didn’t choose to yet tend to belong to the land of nowhere with their ghastly figures. He worked on a selective amount of photography aside from fine art as well.

Painting & Improvisation/Waves installation


Filistin Ashabab art Contest

August 16, 2007
Filistin Ashabab’s Logo

Filistin Ashabab monthly contests has art, photography and writing/literature as subcontests to it. Within the art contest, there isn’t a big number of submissions made, yet all the artworks qualified are really interesting and show great talent. There is a possibility that you can still vote, yet at some parts in the website it states names of winner artists so it’s not definite if the contest is still running or not.

one of the participating artworks, by Ayman Issa