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Ahmed Moustafa

May 21, 2007
Frolicking Horses by Ahmed Moustafa
Frolicking Horses by Ahmed Moustafa

The Egyptian artist Ahmed Moustafa can be recognised as one of the most influential artists that contributed Arabic calligraphy of the Quran into beautiful Masterpieces. Born in Alexandria, 1943 and received his Bachelors degree in Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture at the Department of Painting and Stage Design of Alexandria University. Moustafa graduated with the Highest National distinction in Fine Arts. Moustafa’s breakthrough career led to attention where he was awarded to complete his study abroad in London where he completed an MA degree in Graphic Design.

Later on, he was offered by the British Council to progress his studies and to work on a PhD thesis under The Scientific Foundation of Arabic Letter Shapes. After this, Moustafa gained major exposure into the artistic community in the UK and participated in a huge number of personal and shared exhibitions. Moustafa was assigned fellow in Islamic Art and Design at the Centre for Islamic Studies, Oxford. Moustafa lately participated in the Occupied Space exhibition for Palestine in London last year – and the top artwork was his collaboration to the exhibition.

The Cube of the Cubes (painting)

Moustafa’s style is extensively influenced by the Islamic culture and specifically suras from the Holy Quran, including the geometrical creation of “The cube of cubes” that by a simple step transforms into a diamond shaped-pyramid hybrid that has 99 smaller cubes within – each carry one of the Holy names of Allah in Islamic traditions. The cube of the cubes is considered Moustafa’s way of explaining “the attributes of divine perfection”.

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