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Ayad Alkadhi

May 28, 2008

Ayad Alkadhi an Iraqi artist born in Iraq – lived his life between Iraq, United Arab Emirates and England. He received his Masters in Fine Arts from Tisch School of the Arts of New York University. After moving out of Iraq to seek a more prosperous career, he settled shortly in Amman, Jordan where he had exhibited art works at Orfali Gallery. Later on he had his first one-man show in New Zealand. Additionally, Alkadhi’s work was exhibited in a number of different states in the US as well as being exhibited in Sotheby’s London.

His works can be seen as mostly self portraits where he would depict himself in several situations or scenarios, and it’s quite significant the amount of Arabic calligraphy he incorporates into his artworks. Religious iconography has appeared a number of times in his works, as well as elements which are inspired by major political incidents in Iraq and the sense of connection and belonging to his home country.

Alkadhi works mostly using mixed media, he displays a very solid talent and knowledge when depicting the Arabic letter as it shows from his calligraphy in his artworks. One of the earlier series of Alkadhi works was titled “Kadhigraphy”; where he drove inspiration from Arabic calligraphy and created a set of self-made shapes that merges contemporary with traditional for Arabic letters using different quotes, words and phrases.  When asked to comment about his fondness of Arabic calligraphy, Alkadhi said the following:

“Arabic lettering/calligraphy is our direct visual link to our heritage therefore it seem only natural to use it when telling a visual story on canvas”


Featured Painting: vol.2

May 15, 2007

Betool Fekaiki’s masterpiece; choice of colour, the emerging human figures in such positioning, the triangular palette-like pattern as well as the straight strokes are the technical features of the painting that made it grab attention yet there’s a story that lies behind this painting that leaves it to the viewer to create their scenario.

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