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Featured Painting: vol.3

August 26, 2007

Mohannad Orabi is a budding artist from Syria and one of the young artists adopted by Ayyam Gallery in Damascus. This artwork of his is Untitled, an abstract portrait of a person. The thickness of the neck gives you the impression of a male, yet the delicate features, the coloured lips and what looks like to be a headband gives another impression, that of a female. The androgyny and the choice of colours is absolutely impressive.


Featured Painting: vol.2

May 15, 2007

Betool Fekaiki’s masterpiece; choice of colour, the emerging human figures in such positioning, the triangular palette-like pattern as well as the straight strokes are the technical features of the painting that made it grab attention yet there’s a story that lies behind this painting that leaves it to the viewer to create their scenario.

Visit Betool Fekaiki’s Website Here