Ahmad Saad


For The Rising resumes, and this time with the Egyptian budding graphic artist Ahmad Saad. He grew up and lives in Ismailia, the home city of the Suez canal. Saad shares that since he was kid, he sparked interest in art. Trying to apply to the fine arts college, Ahmad failed the efficiency test that led him to study and earn a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems.

Upon graduation, Saad found that he’s still interested in art and got an artist in him yearning to be set loose. With a lot of free time, as he say, it enabled him to nurture the artist in him and explored different artistic hobbies that he never imagined to experiment with. Saad still believes he needs to raise to the occasion in order to reach a good level of artistry.

“Drugs won’t benefit you” – Inspired by the short film “The Advertisement”

Saad derived inspiration from international street and urban art, such as; stencils, graffiti and so on. He focused on creating graffiti in Arabic. Saad does this in an attempt to prove to the world that a lot of Arabs were major contributors and teachers of the current civilised world. Saad is also inspired by Arabi typography, video games and music videos. He also finds inspiration from Arabic artists he explored their work; both on Fann 3arabi and Khatt Foundation. Saad dreams of curating and hosting the first Arabic Urban Arts Exhibition.

Here is a sample of his work (Click to Enlarge):


11 Responses to “Ahmad Saad”

  1. Manar Says:

    Love the work and especially the header!

  2. S3D Says:

    Thanks Omar
    Thanks Manar

  3. Soha Says:

    Ahmed is very talented and he deserve it and i think he has a bright future :)))

    keep it up ahmed ;)

  4. ZEYAD Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS YA S3D…..\m/…and i hope u a bright future…..

  5. rome sabry Says:

    wow,,s3d is really talented… to7faaa ya s3d,, congratssssssssssssssssss

  6. Adham Says:

    Very Nice Saad I Love It … Keep It Up

  7. NB Says:

    Ya S3D ya raf3 RasnaaaAaaaaaAaaaaaa

  8. Doctor Says:

    Мог бы долго с вами спорить на эту тему :)

  9. fadwa Says:

    Doing a great job with this blog. I do collages, journaling and altered books art work. I am amazed by graphic artists and their talent, I am happier with pens and papers :-)

  10. Haisam Abu-Samra Says:

    Ahmad Saad is one of the fresh voices in the Design Scene here in Cairo. I love how juxtapose his Egyptian influences with the urban graphiti aesthetic. Definitely someone to keep an eye on. Rock on Saad, show ’em what you’ve got.

  11. yaa Says:

    hello, salaam.. nice artwork..

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