Sudan Artists Gallery

Artists from Sudan has not been featured previously on Fann 3arabi, although there are amazingly talented Sudani artists yet the resources on the net seemed quite few and not very efficient.

Therefore, Fann 3arabi presents this wonderful website that features a huge number of Sudani artists and has both showcase of each artist as well as their biography. The work is cateogrised under different categories; Illustration, Calligraphy, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture and much more.

Here are some samples of the work featured there:

A Pedestrian Song by Mohamed Abusabib – Ink, 1996

Holy Quraan calligraphy painting by Alawad Mustafa

Untitled by Shamseldeen Adam Bushara – oil

Untitled by Mohamed Omer Bushara – Lazertan etching, 2006 (Click to Enlarge)

Untitled by Fayrouz Omer – Mixed media, 2004

Puzzled by Ahmad Elmardi – Digital, 2002


6 Responses to “Sudan Artists Gallery”

  1. dr.a.abdel aal Says:

    i would like to invite you to visit my new website
    i have a leading gallery in khartoum called SUDAN ART DIWAN .

    best wishes
    dr.ahmed abdel aal
    khartoum / sudan

  2. Omar Says:

    Dr. Abdel aal

    Shukran La Zeyartak Fann 3arabi!
    And thanks as well for the link – I definitely enjoyed exploring the works there. But what I didn’t grasp, are they all your personal work or of other artists?

    And please keep visiting :)

  3. Dr. ahmad abdel aal Says:

    Dear Omar
    Thanks for your visit to my website http:/ . I do respect your astonishment. Yes all the artworks at my website are mine and of my personal creation.
    Maybe dear Omar you know I am a visionary man devoted to my creation in a long march… long and meaningful.
    Don’t hesitate and it will be nice to feature my link and some of my artworks at your respectful
    Best regards
    Dr. Ahmad Abdel Aal

  4. artists Says:

    yummy…… thanks for your tips i’d love to follow you.anyway happy new year ~~~~

  5. Andy Petrucco Says:

  6. Albert Wiggers Says:


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