Hend Al Mansour

“Walladah” – silkscreen print

Born in 1956 in Saudi Arabia and raised in the US. She received her education from Cairo University and Minneapolis College of Arts & Design. Al Mansour’s work mostly addresses the identity of Arabic women and voices her desire for change in order to reach equality and justice. She also seeks issues such as religions, sexualities and tolerance.

She has an array of works, variating from silk-screen prints on fabric usally using henna ink, to paintings, 3D work and more. Depiction of Arab individuals comes in a consistent pattern in her work, and a heavy usage of Arabic calligraphy incorperated in most of her work.

Two paintings from the series “Identity” – acrylics

13 Responses to “Hend Al Mansour”

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    […] Fann 3arabi features artist Hend Al Mansour. […]

  2. Roba Says:

    My mother once had an exhibition with Hind Al-Mansour in Riyadh. I remember her well.

  3. tambi Says:

    amazing work. Especially the first one. Is that some Moroccan satanic style?

  4. Omar Says:

    wow – really? I never knew your mom did art and stuff! Would love to see some one day ;)

    Not really, there’s no pentagram in the artwork! hehe
    and even if there’s, Pentagram should be associated with the goddess venus!

  5. Abdullah Jones Freedman Says:

    ‘Walladah’ work is disgusting. I am surpised that the Arabs have lost their haya and modesty.

  6. Omar Says:

    You are entitled to your own opinion, but I’m afraid I can’t grasp what lies under “disgusting”. Would you care to elaborate more?

    Oh and I don’t believe they lost it, I don’t know what you understand of “modesty” or “haya” but this is art and should remain a free form of expression…

  7. Sharaf Says:

    Abdullah are you suggesting that you are disgusted at the imagery of the human form as an artistic expression or that your mind is so perverse that it would interpret it as a pornographic image? Modesty, or 7aya, is highly relative, and the artist does not seem to be suggesting we should work towards a lack of such values. It reads to me as an interpretation of life and birth, basic human values and endorsement of life.

  8. Reem Says:

    It’s about time expressing women sexuality. We look at our day and time as modern but really past civilisations were more open and tolerent towards these things.

  9. sarah Says:

    horray to u Hend ,, go go Arab ladies

  10. Jozsef Kiss Says:


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  11. Friday Links — September 19, 2008 » Muslimah Media Watch Says:

    […] her thoughts on hypocrisy in Ramadan. Via Global Voices Online.Fann 3arabi features artist Hend Al Mansour.Remember Nujood? The Yemeni girl who got herself a divorce? She’s back at school. Via Yemen […]

  12. Saud Says:

    Excelent, we wish all u best with your work.
    All over the world.

  13. Rita Farah Says:

    how can I get your contact info.
    Is there a phone number I could reach you at?
    I don’t know if you still remember me. My name is Rita Farah and I teach Arabic in two different schools in the Minneapolis district and I have something for you where you can get paid $62.50 an hour and we need you for 2 or 3 hours.

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