Safwan Dahoul

One of Safwan Dahoul’s Rêve series, 2002

Safwan Dahoul is yet another artist to be featured from the artists of Ayyam Gallery in Syria. Born in Hamah, 1961 and graduated in 1985 from the Fine Arts faculty of Damascus. More than 10 years later he got a doctorate in Plastic Arts from Belguim. His artworks mainly consist of a series under the title “Reve” or “Rêve” which is French for “Dream”. The series depicts females and occasionally males in an interesting form, showing vulnerability and spirtuality.

Four artworks from the Reve series, newer than the top one (acrylic on canvas)

With perfectly fine lines, clean cut figures, mysterious pretty faces, dark backgrounds, intriguing postures and body forms, Dahoul’s work got attention to have exhibitions internationally as he had a solo exhibition at the European Parliament in Brussels. His artworks are auctioned in the biggest auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s.


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