Fann 3arabi for the Rising

In order to support the budding artists, especially the ones I’m on personal knowledge of, Fann 3arabi will feature them on a monthly basis and this will be accompanied with a customised header by the artist himself/herself.


So keep a close eye on the blog, it will be very soon updated with the first contributor.


4 Responses to “Fann 3arabi for the Rising”

  1. Diana Hawatmeh « Fann 3arabi | Arabic Art Says:

    […] Fann 3arabi | Arabic Art Arabic art, artists, projects, websites and more « Fann 3arabi for the Rising […]

  2. Manar Al Muftah « Fann 3arabi | Arabic Art Says:

    […] Al Muftah is our 2nd artist to be featured as part of Fann 3arabi for the Rising. Manar doesn’t currently have an online portfolio so this post will include as much as […]

  3. ياسمين حميد Says:

    just a question:
    what does one have to do to be featured as a part of this?

  4. Ahmad Saad « Fann 3arabi | Arabic Art Says:

    […] For The Rising resumes, and this time with the Egyptian budding graphic artist Ahmad Saad. He grew up and lives in Ismailia, the home city of the Suez canal. Saad shares that since he was kid, he sparked interest in art. Trying to apply to the fine arts college, Ahmad failed the efficiency test that led him to study and earn a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems. […]

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