Amal Suood

Digital art, or specifically digital drawings are not quite popular among Arabic artists and graphic designers. Yet there’s some sort of light coming along, a little bit of hope or as referred to in Arabic “بصيص الامل”. Interesting enough that this hope is actually Amal, Amal Suood.

Amal Suood's

Ama Suood is a new rising Saudi Digital Artist, dedicating a website to display her works and more importantly to provide step-by-step tutorials on how she created her artworks. She can be our own Marta Dahlig, yet her current works reminescent to those older ones of Marta which shows huge potential to be excelling in portraiture and digital drawings as a whole in the near future.

Amal Suood's 2

One Response to “Amal Suood”

  1. Umeed Malik Says:

    very well

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