Calligraphic Abstraction by Wijdan (acrylic)

Wijdan Ali, a Jordanian Royalty as the cousin to late King Hussein. She was born in Baghdad – Iraq in 1939 and received her education from Beirut, London and training in Amman. Her artworks are intensely influenced by Islamic art. Aside from creating art, Wijdan is also an art activist, enthusiast and more. She gains credit for founding the Royal Society of Fine Arts in Jordan, which nowadays known as the Jordan National Art Gallery of Fine Arts, as well as being the Dean of College of Arts and Design at the University of Jordan.

Her education and large number of publications regarding Islamic art seem to be her main influence. Hence the inspirations and references derived from Arabic calligraphy as it has been the optimum and most popular form of art in Islamic generations. One of her art projects include her collaboration with Lebanese poet Sherbel Dagher to visualise his poetic verses as artworks by Wijdan, the project was titled Calligraffiti.

Wijdan on calligraphy in modern Arabic art:

“For me it is a form of artistic identity through which I am able to gratify my creative instincts and establish my individuality as a contemporary Arab and Islamic artist.”


3 Responses to “Wijdan”

  1. wael Says:

    visually striking! water and air merge, sea and sky combine.

  2. navcity Says:

    I love the blog. Keep up the good work! I went to the British museum a few months ago and they had an amazingly breath taking exhibition of modern Middle Eastern art.

  3. Omar Says:

    I thought so too – it has this organic feel to it and strongly reminds me of Osmosis!

    Thanks a lot – I very much appreciate it. That’s brilliant! hope you can post about it! :D

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