Featured Painting: vol.3

Mohannad Orabi is a budding artist from Syria and one of the young artists adopted by Ayyam Gallery in Damascus. This artwork of his is Untitled, an abstract portrait of a person. The thickness of the neck gives you the impression of a male, yet the delicate features, the coloured lips and what looks like to be a headband gives another impression, that of a female. The androgyny and the choice of colours is absolutely impressive.


2 Responses to “Featured Painting: vol.3”

  1. Emily Says:

    What is the name of the piece?
    Who is the artist?
    What is is using (e.g. oil, acrylic…)?
    How big is it?

  2. Omar Says:

    Hello Emily, I usually don’t wish to give such specifications as it seems too commercial and concentrate on rather the beauty of the piece. It’s untitled, and if you took the effort to read what’s below you’ll know it’s by Mohannad Orabi.

    If you’re interested in Orabi’s artworks, here are a bunch of them on artnet for you to purchase:

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