Hayan Maani

Two print artworks: “Allah” and “Hands”

A multi talented artist from Amman Jordan. He is the first Jordanian artist to be featured on Fann 3arabi. His works include Print as well as interior and jewlery design. Hayan is currently working at an advertising agency in Amman. His print art works mostly include various illustrations of the Arabic alphabets as well as decorative works of name of Allah and prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

Pieces from the Arabic alphabet collection

He created an array of popular logos within Jordan, such as the logo of Tkiyet Um Ali, Toys & Toys, Access Me internet providers, SEZA (Special Economic Zone of Aqaba), Salad House, Shawkat Shami Jewlery, Blue Fig and more. His extras gallery include general digital designs that invoke political issues.

Visit Hayan Maani’s Official Website


3 Responses to “Hayan Maani”

  1. minana Says:

    not only is he all that but a great mentor! Respect!!

  2. Neda Says:

    Thank you for introducing him to us. As expatriats, we are always yearning to know what’s going in our vibrant cultural mosaic back “home.”

  3. Hayan Maani»Im Conciencia Blog Says:

    […] Fann 3arabi, […]

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