Mohammad A. Fahmy

The first digital artist to be featured, Mohammad A. Fahmy by all means deserves it. His gallery is a mashup of illustrations, identity and general designs. Many and most Arab designers or digital artists tend to do push aside the inclusion of Arabic words and letters in order to feel “modern” enough, yet they missed out the point that this, in the appropriate suitable way tends to really add to the artworks and give some sort of a personal and unique stamp.

Among random creations, lies many of those that carry a political message or highlights a local problem in Egypt. Mohammad adopted a very modern and interesting drawing style that he merged into bold outlined scenes, splashed with highly saturated colours. Shortly, his gallery can be described as one fancy, filled with eye-candy art student sketchbook. I’ll leave you with a selected bunch of his gallery.


7 Responses to “Mohammad A. Fahmy”

  1. Ohoud Says:


    Check this out, im sure ure going to luv i6:

  2. Meriwinkle Says:

    Omg, I can’t thank you enough for this website! I’ve always found it almost impossible to find Arab artists on the web until I found a little link that said ‘Fann 3arabi.’ This is great. Thank you =)

    Btw, you’re right, Mohammed A. Fahmy does deserve to be featured!

  3. Omar Says:

    Fireclub is great! :D

    Wow, I thank you for such support! I’m really glad you found the website, I wonder where did you find it.

    He does, and I really like your own work – really impressive! :D

  4. Omernos: Shakloh keda mush 3agebni Says:

    […] is an experimental designs unit located in Umm el Donya, Masr (Egypt). The Unit consists of both Mohammed A. Fahmy and Mohammed El Moatasem. A duo that to me, in few years time will have a huge impact on the future […]

  5. N. Alrajhi Says:

    I’ve been a fan of Mo for a while, I love the Urban style!

  6. rmjani Says:


  7. majdi ftoutou Says:

    ana min tounes aktob aghani misria 7ilwa pleaz call me soon: +216 24466168

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