Humood Al Muqate’

Humood Al Muqate’ (حمود المقاطع)The first Kuwaiti artist to be featured, Dr Humood Al Muqate can with no doubt be considered one of the most talented painters to come across. Many appreciate and tend to look differently of what makes a talent in painting, but Al Muqate’ surely proves to be an excellent realist. Its stunning and for a while, after thinking he’s a photographer.

Visit Dr. Humood Al Muqate’s Website


5 Responses to “Humood Al Muqate’”

  1. Haitham Issam Says:

    Hey Omar,

    Those are some paintings, I thought they were photos. Actually this is my point, all this ‘manifesting history and heritage’ in his realist paintings aside, in my humble opinion, what is the point of making a realist painting of an old door detail since u can go take a photo of it and have the same impression?

  2. Omar Says:

    Hello Haitham,

    I do see your point – Some people don’t appreciate realism as much as art that can be merely described as ‘came out of nowhere’. I do agree with you to some extent, but not everybody can seriously ace this amount of details… hehe

    I wish he’d draw more PEOPLE though…

  3. نون النساء Says:

    حمود لمقاطع
    اكثر الفنانين اللي اشوفهم فعلاً موهوبين في مجالهم

    ونتمنى نصل لمستواه ونسبقه بمراحل بعد


  4. عمر المقطاع Says:

    وناسه وناسه هذا عمي هيهيهيهي وناسه

  5. >>>>> Says:

    أوووه هذا دكتوري بالجامعة ماخذه عنده مادة ……..

    ما أقول إلا ما شاء الله عليه مبدع بالمجالين الرسم والتدريس ……..

    إنسان جدا جدا رائع محاضراته ممتعة للغاية لا يمل منها …..

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