Event Alert: Ethereal Bodies by Sabhan Adam

an open invitation from the working staff of Foresight Art Center to attend the opening of Ethereal Bodies by the world renown Syrian artist, Sabhan Adam

  • where? Foresight Art Center (Amman, Jordan)visit the website
  • when? Monday 11th of June 2007
  • what time? 6:30pm
  • contact Lama Hourani – (962 6) 5560080

Coverage of the event to be posted afterwards, possibly accompanied with a videocast. Sorry again for lack of updates, but will sure keep alive.


3 Responses to “Event Alert: Ethereal Bodies by Sabhan Adam”

  1. Muh'd M. Mansour Says:

    wow…amazing man.
    good luck

  2. altermathy Says:

    i went there.. this Syrian guy is amazing.. and he didn’t study any kind of university or academic art colleges.. he is an artist by nature.


  3. Omar Says:

    Muh’d M. Mansour
    It was great!

    He is great, yup but he mastered it since early 90’s
    thanks for your comment Hussein :)

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