Featured Painting: vol.2


Betool Fekaiki’s masterpiece; choice of colour, the emerging human figures in such positioning, the triangular palette-like pattern as well as the straight strokes are the technical features of the painting that made it grab attention yet there’s a story that lies behind this painting that leaves it to the viewer to create their scenario.

Visit Betool Fekaiki’s Website Here


3 Responses to “Featured Painting: vol.2”

  1. Ohoud Says:

    This is impressive!

    Her painting technique definitely makes it stand out. It reminded me of Klimts “The kiss”,especially the duality of female Vs. Male, although in this one there are other beings in the background.

  2. Omar Says:

    It does somehow have Klimts’ element, I guess it’s the embrace and the tilted head.
    Yes exactly, I thought the beings in the background truly added to the artwork!

  3. Jules Says:

    this is stunning – the use of colour and composition is wonderful

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