Dia Azzawi

Collage of Dia Azzawi Works
A collection of Dia Azzawi’s Works

Dia Al Azzawi (ضياء العزاوي) born in Baghdad, Iraq back in 1939. Completed a degree in Fine Arts from the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad. He currently resides in London after an eventful career in Art across the Middle East.

Al Azzawi was part of several art groups, starting with one he formed back in 1969 and called themselves “New Vision”. He later joined the group “One Dimension”, in parallel to him being founder and part of “New Vision” until his departure from it in 1972. His art crosses many fields from Paintings, Ink Drawings, Sculptures, Prints to books artistically formed including poetry and prose. One of the most prominent works on books by Azzawi was presented by Dafatir exhibition -dedicated for Contemporary Iraqi Book art- along with a selected sculpture of his to compliment the book display:

Dia Al Azzawi’s book art of Adonis’ poetry

An interesting change can be witnessed in Azzawi’s style over the decades, the transfer from a more gritty detailed style that was witnessed mostly in his 70’s Ink drawings to a rather more colourful and abstract approach. But one common factor can be seen among them is the inclusion of Arabic letters and worded elements which made him part of the Word Into Art exhibition in The British Museum.

3 of Azzawi’s Sculptures
3 of Azzawi’s Sculptures

“Belad Al Sawad” is the name given to a special collection done by Azzawi, it was made during the time of the Gulf War in Iraq and all the works included were done with charcoal.

  • View Dia Azzawi’s Gallery on Birzet University’s Website
  • Dia Azzawi’s Profile on The British Museum’s Word Into Art
  • A Very special thank you/shout out to Fann 3arabi’s #1 supporter, Ohoud Kamal. Thanks a lot for your resources, recommendations and support!


9 Responses to “Dia Azzawi”

  1. Omar Says:

    nobody? lol

  2. Ohoud Says:

    wallaw, anytime Omar:)

  3. hamdi Says:

    Dear Dia, my name is hamdi from jordan,

    kindly want to ask u if u an artest call hussein azzawi hes an iraqi i think he live in the U.S.


    by the way i like ur art its so nice


  4. Glenn Says:

    Hello Dia ,
    I am in possession of one of your paintings dated 1971 would this b one of your early creations ?

    Kind Regards Glenn

  5. Zufan Says:

    hello dia,

    it was the first time to see your works at meem Galley. i was very much impressed but touched by the ‘Broken dreams”. my interpretation is you assumed a positive dream broken. But dreams can also be bad. wouldn’t those be also be broken. i would love to see some one describe it.

    any way i felt you did it for me. Thank you.


  6. Manuel J. Lairado de Prada Says:

    Hola Dia:
    Al igual que Ud. yo también soy artista plástico y escritor. Hoy he conocido parte de su obra a través de internet, y me encanta.
    Saludos cordiales,

  7. nabaz baban Says:

    dear master dia al azzawe.
    i am nabaz baban from iraq , iam plastic artist and PHD student in sulaymania university , iam really intrested in your art works from my childhood and when i was student in the institute of fine art in baghdad , now i am teaching art in the university and hop to make a seminar about your art works , and i would like to make you us my fundamental sample to anlayze your art works , there 4 i decide to write this message 2 you , hop 2 get your e-mail adress . i will contacting you if you not mind .
    my great respect and thank to the iraqi pioner .

  8. Fatma Says:

    i saw your artwork in the ‘Mathaf’ musuem at Qatar, it’s amazing.

  9. zou Says:


    Je travail sur un mémoire sur dhia el azzawi, serais-ce possible d’avoir son contact pour une interview et des conseils, des renseignements? merci

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