Satta Hashem

Satta Hashem’s The Face of Time

The Face of Time by Satta Hashem

Sate’ Al Hashem (ساطع الهاشم), a UK-based, Iraqi artist that with no doubt impressed the British art community, as a selective collection of his work among The British Museum’s permanent collections. The collection includes paintings and drawings that present the unique exquisite talent of him. He also has a collection of paintings in the Museum of contemporary arts in Russia and a number of public murals both in London and Sweden. Many of his works are found as private collections in Japan, Hong Kong, England, Russia and Sweden.

Hashem’s pencil and pen drawings that often carry the feel of primitive sketches, with anthropomorphic abstract shapes, void faces and wirey subjects truly add to his interesting collection of art. Hashem’s work include a certain collection of 1000+ artworks that he has done over the span of 2 decades. It’s really intriguing to see how an artist showcases the way they develop over the years, and this collection just does the job.

Quote from his statement:

“It is best to see my paintings first as colour, second as feeling and only in third place as whatever objects might be discerned”

  • Visit Satta Hashem’s Official Online Gallery
  • Satta’s Page on Axisweb
  • His page at The Biscuit Factory
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2 Responses to “Satta Hashem”

  1. Ohoud Says:

    I loved his pencil work!

    There is something special about his paintings, all of them have these multi layers and always there is this kind of dialogue of Animal Vs. man? identity struggle? I can’t really put my hand on it, but very intriguing!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Omar Says:

    It’s great, no? =D

    Very true, I noticed the multiple layers. And yeah, I mentioned a sense of anthropomorphism in his art, and what’s yet more interesting is the significance is given more to the animals rather than the humans, like the painting…Look how abstract the supposed to be human subject, and look at the horse.

    Thanks Ohoud! I’ll make sure I do! hehe

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