Malik Anas: Oriental Pages

Malik Anas, an Iraqi artist that blew away the deviantART community with his exquisite set of recently completed 20 oriental pages, which he aspires to publish. The pages include abstract calligraphic shapes, that strongly resemble the Arabic letter shapes yet not particularly illustrating any – which makes it more interesting, and leaves the space to the viewer on what letter or shape the page could possibly be. The pages’ style evolved from the early large main curve dominant to a more detailed and coloured ones. All pages are done digitally.

  • You can specifically view the oriental pages in Malik Anas’ deviant art gallery.
  • or view the Full gallery here.
  • Here are thumb previews of the 20 pages so far:


9 Responses to “Malik Anas: Oriental Pages”

  1. Ohoud Says:

    Hmmm,this reminds me alot of Nja mahdaoui, a Tunisian artist, though he does all of his work manually, that is non- digital:)

  2. amerabian Says:

    I love this collection of works..
    Very fine art blog..

  3. Omar Says:

    Yeah I’ve seen Nja Mahdaoui’s traditional work
    it’s nice to see there’s a remaining respect for calligraphy in the digital field.

    It sure is impressive, Malik is very talented
    Thanks a lot! =D

  4. Jihad NOOR Says:

    It is a really enjoyable collection to see… I’ve really liked the way he treats the space and colours in his work.
    very well presented work… very nice and well done. he is sure ver talnted.
    im just wondering what is hte name of his font? and does he have a website?

  5. omar Says:

    Jihad, this is not a FONT he’s using
    he’s illustrating the actual shapes digitally – not using a pre-set font.

    I only know his deviant art account, which has almost all his art to this date.

  6. Josh Says:

    Yeah ohoud this is nja mahdaoui 100%, with a little hassan massoudi thrown in too. Especially numbers 12 and 13, both were taken directly from a book called Word into Art, the double swoosh in the bottom of 13 was the freakin cover. This guys a biter, big time. What he did was just steal some line forms from Nja and import them into illustrator, mess around, and call it his own. biter.
    way i see it, if it aint done with a pen, it aint calligraphy son.
    and as for publishing? well good luck to you, but i hope nja’s lawyers dont get wind of it, cuz thats called copywrite infringement!

  7. Wissam Says:

    for me this is just copying Naja Mahdaoui style exactly

  8. ibrahim touq Says:

    nice , , , he take Nja Mehdouawi as a mater , , , ,

  9. Khalid Juman Says:

    حرام هذه السرقة .. اعمال نخا المهداوي تسرق وتزيف

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