Hassan Al Massoud


also credited as Hassan Massoudy. One of the most iconic Arabic calligraphers globally, Hassan Massoudy. After an extensive number of exhibitions and publications this artist cannot be easily not recognised. The artistic sense put into the calligraphy, bending the rules of Arabic alphabet writing yet maintaining the letter’s characteristics with a significant twist of individuality made him in the position where he is now. And of course, his loyalty to graphically reveal the beauty of articulate quotes.

Born in 1944, at the town of Najaf in Iraq, mentored by several number of Iraqi calligraphers and almost at age of 20 years old flee from Iraq to attended the École des Beaux-Arts (School of fine Arts) in Paris. Hassan was seen performing his calligraphy live in Guy Jacquet’s on-stage performance, Arabesque.

“There is no favourable wind for he who knows not where he is heading” – Seneca

Click here to visit his website and view more works
Special thanks goes to Ohoud for the lead


7 Responses to “Hassan Al Massoud”

  1. Ohoud Says:

    Thanks for featuring him Omar:)

    Lufffffffffffffffffffffff him :heart:

  2. Omar Says:

    no worries Ohoud! =)
    he sure deserves to be up there!

    Yeah his work is awesome
    I dream of having one of his work for myself! =D

  3. Ghaith Says:

    Hey guys! i love this artwork, i want to get this painting tattooed on my back, so if anyone has a larger image of this picture or knows where i can find one, plz send me a letter at ufffroningenstans@hotmail.com

  4. mardiyansyah Says:

    that Very good

  5. Anjum faraz Says:

    I love Arabic calligraphy cloud u please send me some samples of mr. massoud’s

  6. shohsg Says:

    Hi massud, I’m jahangir from Bangladesh. I’m very surprised after seeing ur artwork.
    Congratulation’s a lot.

    I download ur all calli. bcoze I like it.

    I think if u continue in this world world will proud for u.

    pray for me.

  7. farm Says:

    Interesting entry. I was looking at something similar a bit earlier. Nice to see it covered. By the way, I need to make my site theme more like this.

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